The Altright-Complex

HMKV Ausstellungsmagazin 2019/1

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- From the series HMKV   Dortmund

- The new reference work on this subject

- Includes an extensive glossary

This book focuses on right-wing populist movements that are heavily reliant on the Internet and social media to spread their ideas. It explores the emergence of a (sub)culture of transgression in online forums such as 4chan and on platforms such as Breitbart News.

The artists featured in this volume address Internet phenomena such as memes (e.g., Pepe the Frog, probably the most well-known symbol of Trump supporters), figures such as Steve Bannon, flag worship, the prepper scene, white supremacists, and Dark Enlightenment.

The catalog includes a comprehensive introduction to the issue, an interview with the science writer Angela Nagle, entries on all of the works, a critical glossary, and a list of links to relevant online resources.

Featured artists: Paula Bulling / Anne König (DE), Simon Denny (NZ), DISNOVATION.ORG (FR/PL), Vera Drebusch & Florian Egermann (DE), Dominic Gagnon (CA), Szabolcs KissPál (HU), Boris Ondreička (SK), Milo Rau, IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder (CH/DE), Vanja Smiljanić (RS), Jonas Staal (NL), Nick Thurston (GB), UBERMORGEN (CH/AT)

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Edited by

Inke Arns, HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein)


German, English






17 × 24 cm



Published in

July 2020