Andreas Golinski - Die Lücke, die der Kasten lässt

Benedikt Boucsein; Ory Dessau; Sandra Dichtl

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The Ruhr Valley Bridge at Mintard, situated between the Ruhr and the Rhineland, is the longest steel road bridge in Germany and has long been regarded as a masterpiece of engineering, a symbol of progress and faith in technology, standing for new beginnings, mobility and freedom.

In the past seven years, the Essen artist Andreas Golinski has collected and studied numerous archival documents, photographs, technical drawings and stories dealing with the bridge. His intense engagement with the building, its history and its symbolic value has resulted in a room-filling installation, modeled on the maintenance bay of the bridge. The oppressive atmosphere of Golinski’s installation draws attention in particular to the dark side of the bridge, which is not seen by most users: the numerous suicides who end up on the front lawns of the local residents, the little girl who was held captive inside the bridge for eleven days in the 1990s …

The catalogue shows Golinski's installation together with actual photographs, documents and plans of the Ruhr Valley Bridge. The catalogue is supplemented by explanatory texts and other works by the artist.

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September 2013