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The Fotobus Society   Yearbook

A breathtaking glimpse into the world of today’s young European photography

Featuring works by 39 photographers

The Fotobus Society, set up by Christoph Bangert, is a network that connects more than 400 photography students from 29 German and European universities and photography schools. Members can avail themselves of a wide range of cultural and social activities offered by the association. At the heart of the community is a 30-year-old bus serving as a mobile photography school that regularly carries members to photo festivals, symposia, and professional events. Over the last years, the association has firmly established itself as a promoter of cultural and academic exchange within the international photography scene.

This book, showcasing selected works by members, inaugurates a series that from now on will be published annually by Verlag Kettler. The projects presented in this first edition offer an overview of different contemporary approaches that oscillate between documentary and conceptual photography, challenging and crossing the boundaries of the genre. Many of these works have already received international awards. Collected in a single volume, they provide intriguing insights into today’s young European world of photography.


Works by

Arne Piepke, Mafalda Rakoš, Vivian Rutsch, Max Slobodda, Felix Kleymann, Lena Kunz, Elias Holzknecht, Martin Lamberty, Maximilian Mann, Lucas Bäuml & Lando Hass, Alexander Ziegler, Ole Witt, Luise Jakobi, Ronja Hermann, Jann Höfer, Ingmar B. Nolting, Kristina Lenz, Markus Seibel, Patrick Junker, Lukas Kreibig, Sebi Berens, Rafael Heygster, Richard Heinicke, Magnus Terhorst & Thomas Morsch, Anna Roters, Theresa Albers, Fabian Ritter, Katja Sterzik & Wolfgang Gähtgens & Ronja Hermann & Florian Genz, Monika Hanfland, Victoria Jung, Elena Fiebig, Marvin Böhm, Josh Kern, Benedikt Ziegler

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Edited by

Christoph Bangert, Florian Genz, Victoria Jung, Lea Szramek, Magnus Terhorst


German, English






13,5 × 19 cm



Published in

December 2019