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Fotobus Society

- The Fotobus Society Yearbook

- An intriguing glimpse into contemporary trends in young European photography

- Showcasing works by 34 photographers

The Fotobus Society, founded by Christoph Bangert, provides a network connecting more than 700 photographers who are currently studying at German and European universities or photography schools. Members have access to a wide range of cultural and social activities offered by the association. At the heart of the community is a 30-year-old bus that serves as a mobile photography school and regularly carries members to photo festivals, symposia, and professional events.
This book is the second volume in a series presenting selected works by members. Whereas the main mission of the association is to promote exchange within the international photography scene, the coronavirus pandemic prevented the artists from travelling and meeting up as usual. For many of them, taking photos became an outlet and a medium to communicate with the “outside world”. As a result, the projects showcased in this publication also tell of the insecurity, hope, and distress of the last months, giving an inside view of the experiences and stories of people from around the world. In different ways, the images document their lives and the spaces in which they live, or the concepts and ideas, in which they believe.

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Edited by

Florian Genz, Lea Szramek, Michelle Jekel, Magnus Terhorst, Aurélien Guillery, Elena Fiebig, Aliona Kardash, Florian Dürkopp








13,5 × 20 cm



Published in

December 2020