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Ansgar Dlugos

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Even today the outer construction form of the Münster prison epitomises the basic ideas underlying the penal system of the mid-19th century. Prisons functioned as dark and terrifying places of isolation and silence. Designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and built between 1848 and 1853, the Münster prison is one of the oldest penal institutions in Germany. What inner life is hidden within the walls of this 160-year-old building? Those living here at present are 518 people doing time. The catalogue presents a large number of works by the professional photographer and Canon ProfiFoto prizewinner Ansgar Dlugos testifying to an intensive study of the past and present of this heritage building. His imagery always remains subtle and not the slightest bit staged; Dlugos scrupulously focuses his works on the everyday life of the people imprisoned here.

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September 2013