Rupprecht Geiger und Alf Lechner

Rot X Stahl

- Postwar abstract art from Germany

- The works of two artists and friends showcased side by side



Alf Lechner Museum, Ingolstadt

20.02. – 14.06.2020


While Rupprecht Geiger (1908–2009) ranks among the most important abstract painters of Germany’s postwar avantgarde, Alf Lechner (1925–2017) is considered the country’s greatest modernist steel sculptor of that era. For the first time ever, the catalog juxtaposes the work of both artists.

Their aesthetic approach and close friendship brought the two men together. They worked differently, but they developed a similar abstract style which led them to a new and related formal vocabulary and way of expression.

Geiger treated canvases as sculptures and painted entire rooms in color. Lechner for his part transformed the geometric shape of steel into new structures and spaces, giving special attention to the natural rust color of the material. The “shaped canvases” and the monochrome geometric composition of Geiger’s pictures – made up of circles, lines, squares, and rectangles – contrast with Lechner’s steel sculptures and large drawings that engage with shapes such as squares, spheres, and circular arcs.

The catalog also explores the differences in their artistic expression and their choice of material which are highlighted by the juxtaposition of their oeuvres and brought to new life.

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23 × 30 cm



Published in

June 2020