Herbst/Winter 2017/2018

Monsanto - A Photographic Investigation

Monsanto has had a rapid rise and a more than colourful history marked by cover-ups and scandals. The company is still highly controversial, irritating scientists, environmental organisations and human rights associations and acting in a way that makes people doubt the harmlessness of its products. The photographer Mathieu Asselin has tried his hand at the daunting task of exploring the issues surrounding Monsanto. His investigative photographic study manages to capture the complexity of this topic, creating links between past, present and future and illuminating many different aspects from a variety of perspectives.

To be published in July 2017

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Das baukulturelle Erbe der Bonner Republik. Die Monographie zum Werk des Architekten Bruno Lambart.
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Yves Klein, das zweite von Matthias Koddenberg herausgegebene Buch aus der Reihe "In/ Out Studio", hat es prominent in die Presse geschafft.

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