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About Us

We care passionately about art. Our unrelenting commitment demonstrates that it is possible to produce great books even in a city like Dortmund, which is best known for soccer and beer. At our offices close to the Dortmunder U cultural center and not far from our own print shop, we link ambitious publishing with technological excellence. These two sides of Kettler’s activity dovetail perfectly as our project partners benefit from this dual expertise.

With our focus on art, photography, architecture, and commercial design, we are always on the lookout for interesting and extraordinary projects. We cooperate with museums and exhibition venues and explore different topics and forms of presentation in collaboration with authors, artists, and curators. Together with our graphic designers, editors, translators, and lithographers, we assist our project partners during all stages of the book production process while also managing marketing and sales. And after work, you might catch us having a chat over a beer at the Bergmann Kiosk bar next door.


Gunnar Kettler
General Manager

What is the general manager's role at Verlag Kettler?

Oversee all business operations, motivate and lead, focus on the bigger picture, take risks and foster innovation, monitor quality and costs, tear his hair out when staff and project partners blow the budget yet again – before ultimately being satisfied once the job is completed successfully.

Lea Szramek
Managing Editor

What is the role of a managing editor at Verlag Kettler?

Listen to artists, graphic designers, and project partners, develop ideas, search for and find papers, feel and discover the texture of book cover materials, plan, coordinate, monitor, and marvel at the printing process and the approval of the final prints, work together with the bookbinders to create a perfect product; but above all, be constantly on the phone and communicate with all those involved in a given project to find the ideal solution.

Telephone/WhatsApp: +49-1522-3999-007

Matthias Koddenberg
Managing Editor

What is the role of a managing editor at Verlag Kettler?

Develop and oversee projects, fine-tune the details, identify and set trends; sometimes even disappoint and turn down proposals; discuss and argue with artists and project partners with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome; draw up and monitor timelines and budgets, coordinate the work of copyeditors, translators, and lithographers; in any case, be passionately involved throughout the process.

Telephone/WhatsApp: +49-1522-3999-009
Mon–Fri 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Florian Genz
Sales, Media, and Coordination

What is the role of a sales, media, and coordination specialist at Verlag Kettler?

Ensuring that our books reach their destination on time and are properly presented. Shooting pictures, producing videos, implementing the ideas of our project managers, artists and photographers and finding the right design for our content. Making sure that all information and data is where it belongs, that no one in the team loses track of the overall coordination and that everyone keeps a cool head.

Telephone/WhatsApp: +49-1522-3999-008
Mon–Fri 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Mona Schroeder
Press and Marketing

What is the role of a press and marketing expert at Verlag Kettler?

Talk passionately about our books, communicate with an extensive network of stakeholders from the press, businesses, and institutions, organize print and online campaigns, present our work at fairs and events, and show the world what we can do and what we love.

Telefon/WhatsApp: +49-1522-3999-006
Mo.-Fr. 9-14 Uhr

André Gösecke

What is the role of a lithographer at Verlag Kettler?

Have an intimate relationship with Photoshop, stamp objects, remove backgrounds, draw curves, consistently make images shine, check proofs, and start all over again, be patient and make the impossible come true; fine-tune the details together with artists and photographers to make sure the printed product looks perfect.

Telephone: +49-2383-910 13 36



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