Art opens up spaces


Each of our books reflects the unique diversity that is made possible by their forms, possibilities and discourses. 

We combine first-rate, high-quality production with custom design. We rely on close personal cooperation with artists, exhibiting institutions, photographers, and designers; in this way we create publications that testify to a great passion for the special book that is exacting aesthetically and in its content.

The structure of our publishing house is the guarantor of books that themselves become works of art: In addition to the programme design, graphics and production, the  Druckerei Kettler, a printing company with a long tradition, is to be found at the same location as well; the process of producing each book can be made particularly flexible and can be intensively monitored through the entire quality chain without detours. 

Our books are distributed nationally and internationally through bookshops and numerous art and cultural institutions. Our publishing team especially looks forward to designing the semi-annual, comprehensive and richly illustrated catalogue of publications, with which we inform you about our new releases. Current information about our programme, book presentations, reviews, featured exhibitions and our presence at book and photo fairs is also available at any time on our website, through our newsletter or on Facebook. 

In the field of the arts in particular we put our enthusiasm and conviction into the book and the very specific look and feel that is inherent in that medium. Numerous awards, such as that of the Stiftung Buchkunst (Book Arts Foundation) for the most beautiful German books, the German Photo Book Prize and the Red Dot Award show that we are on the right path and that it is a path worth pursuing. We will be pleased to have you join us!



The Verlag Kettler belongs to the DruckVerlag Kettler GmbH, which at the same time operates the Druckerei Kettler, a printing company with a long tradition. 

It was founded by Gustav Kettler in 1934, initially purely as a production plant for printing books, and during the 1980s, in the second generation of the company, Hartmut Kettler laid the foundation for the modern Verlag Kettler publishing house. A passionate art collector, Hartmut Kettler had long been in close contact with numerous artists, especially representatives of concrete art and art informel, including Fred Thieler, Emil Schumacher, and Kuno Gonschior.

The Kettler printing house soon held a leading position in the high-quality production of art books and exhibition catalogues of the region, and moreover the market for art books flourished in the 1980s. All of these factors provided the best basis for not only producing the publications as it had done previously but publishing them and making them accessible to a wider public through sales in bookstores. 

The increasing success of that business, initially conducted within the DruckVerlag Kettler, eventually prompted the current Managing Director Gunnar Kettler in the year 2000 to establish a specialized publishing house - the Verlag Kettler. In the past few years, the publishing house has steadily grown and it is currently one of the most prominent houses, with around 100 titles published every year.