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Lili Fischer - 1
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Lili Fischer
"Alles beginnt mit Zeichnen …"

Released in October 2018
38,00 €
Free Shipping within Germany

In the 1970s, Lili Fischer adopted the idea of empirical field research and applied it to the arts. Since then, she has been observing, collecting, and arranging every-day items as well as objects taken from nature. Her work includes installations and performances in addition to drawings and photography.

For the first time, this book extensively covers Lili Fischer’s drawings. In six chapters, the publication shows the progression of her artistic career. Her Hallig-landscapes, cloud studies, and drawings of medicinal plants, butterflies, gnats, and hedgehogs are all inspired by the fusion of nature and art. At around the same time, she also begins to explore the domestic home as a field of artistic research. This leads her to create drawings as well as scripts containing instructions and motion sequences for performances such as Besentanz or Waschlappendemo, which were shown at documenta 8 in 1987. The artist addresses a wide range of topics, but the calligraphic beauty of her works stands out throughout, particularly in her numerous ink drawings with their sweeping lines.

Lili Fischer - Image 1
Lili Fischer - Image 2
Lili Fischer - Image 3
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